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About Troy

Troy Baily

Known by his clients as an accomplished businessman and financial educator, Troy Baily is a hard working and strategic individual. He works with his wife Marti at their independent financial firm, CBL Wealth Advisors. By guiding individuals through important financial decisions regarding their futures, the pair has come to grow a consistent client base who truly value their input. Troy helps these clients work towards achieving a worry-free retirement by studying the ever-changing economic environment and inflation trends. Troy believes it is possible for seemingly non wealthy individuals to maximize their potential through firm budgeting and clever investments.

CBL Wealth Advisors offers assistance in pension planning, social security maximization and more. Troy is constantly prioritizing networking with others in order to develop more opportunities for his clients. He is a businessman who truly puts his clients first, rather than his own earnings.

To find out more about Troy Baily’s career and values, visit his website!